Bengal Tiger Posted November 9, 2013


We leave behind the city life and head to Ranthambore for our tiger safari. The closer we get to this mountainous area the more we see the pace of life slowing down. For us it is a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the cities we have visited. Ranthambore National Park is filled with lush green jungle and a huge variety of native flora and fauna.

We climb aboard our jeeps and head into the mountains early in the morning in small groups of 4 to begin our hunt. The reddish gold sun rising over the mountain is breathtaking. We are all excited at the prospect of seeing the famours Royal Bengal Tiger. The park has been separated into zones and only a few vehicles are allowed in each zone so the park does not get overrun. The amount of wildlife is amazing!  The Indian names for the various birds and animals we come across are not easy to pronounce and harder to remember. Thank goodness for cameras.

It is easy to visualize the Maharajahs hunting for the famous Royal Bengal Tigers here in this remote jungle area. It is a vast and beautiful area filled with streams and lakes surrounded with incredibly tall grasses that provide shelter for the many butterflies, birds and animals living here. Our guides are able to tell when the big cats are in the vicinity as the animals start to call, screech and chatter loudly warning one another of the tigers impending approach. The monkeys were particularly noisy and they keep one monkey on guard duty at all times.

Actually spotting the wild cat in its natural surroundings was incredible! It was much larger than I expected. And oh so beautiful!


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