Happy Dewali Posted November 7, 2013


Happy Dewali!

We are so fortunate to be here at this time of year. Dewali (De-val-ee). A one day per year festival that is similar in importance to our north American Christmas it is the largest Hindu festival of the year. Everywhere marigold flowers made into garlands are hanging to decorate vehicles, buildings, tables and homes. Even the most humble of structures is “fancied up” with these colourful garlands. Strands of colourful Christmas lights are strung on every available surface from buildings and vehicles to camels and cows and the atmosphere is very festive. Fireworks are a big part of Dewali and we were privileged to have our own private fireworks show.  Our bus driver and bus helper even decorated our little bus with garlands, lights, flowers and incense so we could all celebrate Dewali while travelling.

Our guide GK (not his real name of course) invited us to his family home to meet his lovely wife Tapsi and his mother. We enjoyed tea and sweets and they explain how and why they celebrate this most important festival.  What a wonderful addition to our experience in India!

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