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Here is a sample of the many testimonials we have received from past women's tour members:Local transport

“I've had many great adventures on my trips to India, Morocco, Vietnam and Turkey.  Cathy’s custom itineraries really enabled me to experience the culture of each country.  In addition to sightseeing and shopping, I enjoyed market tours, cooking lessons and many opportunities to spend time with the locals. The small group size makes travelling easy, and enabled me to get to know wonderful women who have become friends.  Cathy is a caring and engaging tour host, who takes care of all the details so I can relax and have fun.  I can hardly wait for the next trip!”  Sandra

"Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed taking small-group women's tours with Cathy Scott.  Some of the highlights of my travels with the group were an incredible

446camel ride to watch the sun set in the dunes of Morocco and cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam.  Our trip around Tuscany began in a quant town "Stresa" on Lake Maggiore, a short boat ride from the beautiful Borromean Islands.  Cathy's love of Southern India led me to also fall in love with the people, food, sights and colours of the country, and I can hardly wait to do the tour of Northern India.
Cathy is an attentive host who pays great attention to the hotel accommodation, quality of meals, comfort and reliability of the local transportation and the knowledge of the local tour guides.  I have always felt like a valued client.
For women without a travel companion or those who want to experience destinations they may not wish to visit on their own, nothing is better than the fun, organization and sense of security that comes from this type of travel.  It is definitely no-worry travel." Lorraine Mainwaring

"I have had the great fortune of travelling with Cathy on four of her tours.This has given me the opportunity to see places and experience cultures I only dreamed of. When I was younger I travelled alone but no longer wanted to do this. For me now, being able to go on these tours with a small group of women is ideal. We travel in a small modern coach, have our own  personal driver and luggage handler, a native to destination tour guide and interpreter, along with a local Victoria tour guide from Cathy's company. Because of the small tour size of ten women we were able to go into small neighborhoods, restaurants, heritage and cultural sights. At the end of our exotic day of adventure we stay in high end accommodation with local and safe food and drinks........Awesome! I found these tours to be very well put together and organized. ..and far less expensive than if I was to book it myself. The best part of all is the memorable experiences I've been able to share with my new and old travel companions and friends. Cathy as a tour operator is professional, proficient,  personal, responsive  and Positive. I just book and go enjoy these trips with all of the organizing and technicalities looked after! My next adventure with Cathy's group is in November........It's  the highlight of my year"  Lorraine BIndia 2011

"From my experience, count on small group tours hosted by Cathy to be congenial, packed full of interesting activities and sights, and worry-free -  she takes care of all the details."  Diane

"It's always a wonderful adventure travelling with you Cathy! You make sure to include as many of the "must sees" as possible. And of course,  there are the amazing surprise side trips arranged by the very knowledgeable and thoughtful guides you have chosen. I look forward to seeing the world with you!" Joanne

"I went on a trip of southern India with the Women’s connection group. Cathy put the tour together and was our guide from Canada. The trip was so well planned not only did we see amazing places and eat wonderful food (no one got sick!) but we also got to see some of the real India.  I enjoyed the trip so much I am going to Northern India this fall with a tour Cathy has put together." Jennifer J. Calgary

"I wanted to thank you all for making the trip to India so much fun and for taking care of me with those comfy beds in the airport!   What a wonderful experience it was and I would venture to say, the best trip I've ever had!   I really enjoyed getting to know you all and will hopefully have the chance to connect again one day soon." Sue

"A long overdue note to say how much I loved the India tour.  Every detail was covered and having Juhli along was the icing on the cake!  How capable and unflappable she is - nothing seemed to faze her - even a hasty trip from Agra to Delhi airport.

Cathy, I think you have carved a much needed "niche" into the travel market for women travelling in small groups.  And, how lucky we were to have such a dynamic and diverse group where every personality added to the enjoyment of the trip.  Colleen - you never missed the opportunity to keep us up to date and informed thus ensuring us that a smooth trip was ahead." Leal