Niche Women’s Tours – Terms and Conditions

  1.  To secure your reservation: a non refundable deposit is required which varies with the cost of the tour. final payment is due 60 to 100 days prior to departure (varies with each tour). Final payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, cheque, cash, or money order.
  2. Travel Documents Required: A valid Canadian Passport - which must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the tour return date to Canada.
  3. Health Requirements: We recommend that you check with your doctor, who knows your medical history, or your local Travel Medicine Clinic for advice.
  4. Physical fitness requirements: While we do not have any age restrictions on Niche Women’s Tours, all participants warrant that they have read the complete itinerary and agree that they have the physical capacity to participate fully in the tour without any assistance from the tour host or other participants. Once on a tour if the tour host or tour guide deems that the participant is unable to participate safely in certain activities, they have the right to ask you to forfeit these activities without reimbursement or compensation.
  5. Baggage handling: All tour participants must be able to handle any baggage or personal items she may bring. Although we typically have porters at hotels there are times on our tours that these are not present so you must be able to handle all of your own personal items without assistance.
  6. Health concerns: Any important health, disability (physical or mental) issues must be made known to us verbally and written on the booking form. We reserve the right to ask for a doctor's clearance if necessary. You are advised to check your travel insurance policy to make sure these issues are covered. Niche Travel Inc reserves the right to decline any person as a tour participant if it believes that it is not possible to guarantee the welfare of that person or if it believes that it comprises the safety or enjoyment of the other passengers during the tour. It also reserves the right to remove from the tour any person whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the interests of the other passengers. In such events, Niche Travel and the tour host are not liable for any direct or indirect costs, losses or expenses incurred by the participant.
  7. Room share: If you have asked for a room share you must disclose any issues (you are aware of) which might affect your room mate such as snoring or irregular sleeping patterns. If you have not disclosed an issue (that you were aware of) that has a negative impact on your roommate, the tour host and Niche Travel Inc. have the right to ask you to take a single room at your own expense.
  8. Tour Prices: The prices are based on rates in effect at the time of printing. These prices are established in accordance with airfares, exchange rates and various other factors. In the event of an increase, NICHE TRAVEL INC reserves the right to increase the cost of the tour, unless full payment has been received.
  9. Itinerary & Hotels:  On the occasion where a hotel has overbooked its capacity, it may be necessary to change the hotel to one of similar quality or upgrade NICHE TRAVEL INC has no control over this portion and cannot be held responsible for changes.
  10. Unscheduled Activities: While on tour there may be instances where you may wish to join the tour host or other tour participants for activities in free time outside the tour program which may involve catching taxis or using public transport to shopping/dinner locations or other destinations chosen at the time. The tour host and Niche Travel Inc will not be liable for any accident, injury, death, property damage or loss in relation to such activities. By booking a Niche Women’s tour, you agree to take part at your own risk.
  11. Responsibilities: NICHE TRAVEL INC does not own, manage, control or operate any transportation vehicle, hotel, restaurant or other supplier of services to this tour. In making travel and tour arrangements, NICHE TRAVEL INC is acting in the capacity of an agent for the airlines, hotels and other suppliers stated in this tour. NICHE TRAVEL INC assumes no responsibility for liability to any Tour participant for any injury, damage, accident or any other event occasioning loss or resulting from Acts of God; labour stoppages and/or strikes; acts, negligence or failure to act by any person or entity providing services to the Tour; war, declared and undeclared; government regulation; theft or through any other cause over which it has no control.
  12. Cancellation Penalties: Deposit is non refundable. Once final payment has been made it is 100 % non-refundable.
  13. Travel Insurance – It is mandatory that you have adequate medical insurance for our tours. We highly recommend all tour participants to purchase travel insurance to cover additional costs (airline tickets, loss of luggage, trip delay or tour cancellation, personal accident, medical evacuation, etc.). We assume no liability for the safety of any participant while in transit or during the tour.  Niche Travel is not responsible or liable for loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal injury, accidents or illness while on tour nor  for any type of trip interruption.
  14. Tour Cancellation: On rare occasions, Niche Travel Inc. must cancel a tour, either because there are not enough travellers to operate the tour, or for other events outside the control of Niche Travel. We will make every effort to cancel tours due to lack of travellers prior to final invoicing however, we reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time up to the day of departure, due to no fault of Niche Travel.
  15. Tour Hosts: On rare occasions a tour host may find herself in a position where she is unable to host a tour due to illness or personal circumstances beyond our control. In this case we reserve the right to substitute a tour host or run the tour without a host if it is has a tour guide at destination.
  16. Niche Women’s Tours are based in a minimum number of passengers for the tour to operate. In the event a tour is cancelled due to low registrations or for any other reason Niche Travel Inc. is only obligated to refund monies paid to Niche Travel Inc. for the canceled tour, and is not responsible for any penalties imposed by the airlines.